Illegally excavated hundreds of tons of soil from the 23 August commune cliff, to facilitate access for customers to the beach: a criminal case was opened


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A businessman is accused by ABADL of having carried out some illegal works, by which he modified the cliff and the slope of the 23 August locality, where he owns a terrace. Basically, the individual, known in the business environment, dug the cliff and built wooden stairs to the beach, also illegally, without the necessary permits and approvals.

According to the representatives of the Dobrogea-Litoral Water Basin Administration (ABADL), they were informed that, on the seafront of the 23 August locality, the company that owns a tourist complex in that area, SC Manat Magnum, modified the seawall through excavations made without authorization.

Following the checks in the field, the ABADL representatives specified that, indeed, in the period between September and October of this year, checks were made regarding some quite significant excavations, which affected quite seriously the shape of the cliff in that place, by excavating several tons of earth. Furthermore, according to ABADL, the same investor continued the series of illegal works, by damaging the slope and building stairs with a railing, which would have been carried out during 2020-2021.

At first sight, anyone would say that what the investor has done is beneficial, because it allows people access to the beach, but, except for the fact that he has no right of ownership or management over that portion and has bulldozed it, the resulting walls in due to the excavation of the earth they are not reinforced, they have no solid structure to prevent their collapse and, as it is easy to deduce, there are many risks for those who venture through that corridor. Moreover, damage to the cliff means a sharp increase in erosion and the risk of flooding.

At the time of the checks made by the teams of the cliff administrator (ABADL), the resulting walls were covered only with some kind of mats to change their appearance, not at all for protection.

As we were told, ABADL notified the competent authorities with a criminal complaint filed with the Prosecutor’s Office.

What the prosecutors say

“On the role of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Constanta Court of Appeal, the criminal file no. 308/P/2023, regarding the notification made by the Dobrogea – Coastal Water Basin Administration (ABADL).

Also, we inform you that the criminal file with the above number is in progress, being ordered to start the criminal investigation in question, with regarding the facts of its execution / modification the expansion of constructions or installations on the waters or that have connections with the waters, without legal approval provided by art. 93 paragraph 1 of Law no. 107 of September 25, 1996, Water Law, with the amendments and subsequent additions, construction and occupation of land in the areas delimited in the plans of planning of the territory as areas of natural risk of floods and erosions, provided by art. 81 lit. k from Emergency Ordinance no. 202 of December 18, 2002, updated, regarding the integrated management of the coastal zone, and abuse of office, provided by art. 297 Criminal Code“, it is stated in the response received by Focus Press from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, following a request.

It should be noted that the company we are referring to, Manat Magnum SRL, owns several accommodation spaces on the coast, in the 2 Mai and Olimp resorts, being controlled by Ilie Liviu Dumitrașcu, a well-known online publisher from Romania.

According to, the company was founded on 2.08.2007 and its main activity is “Accommodation facilities for holidays and short periods”. The turnover was 6,471,248 lei in 2022, with a profit of 22,731 lei, with 33 employees. Compared to the previous year, the company recorded a decrease in turnover by 11.18%.

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