PHOTO GALLERY: The Caravan of Young People Involved, the 4th edition, at the end


Mission accomplished! The 4th edition of the “CARAVANA OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE INVOLVED” ended on Thursday evening, around 7 p.m. Focșani Youth Center – Vrancea County Sports Department together with the “Hippocrates” Post-secondary Health School, the “Milenialii” Community Development Association and the Association “Voluntariat for life” from Mărășești, supported by EFARM TOP SRL and the sensei Fat Stanicawe managed to bring some children with special needs, Alexi and Gabi, a touch of joy, hope and the belief that this world can be better for them too! I made them feel that they are part of society, that there are PEOPLE who care, who care about them and who want to help them integrate.

In addition to the new places they saw: the Danube embankment and the “Vasile Alecsandri” National College in Galati, one of the best colleges in the country, Alexi and Gabi together with 3 colleagues from the School Center for Inclusive Education “Elena Doamna” Focșani established new connections with special people, connections that will perhaps remain in time. With them, in the CARAVAN, other good people were and spent quality time: 3 volunteers from the “Hippocrate” Focșani Post-secondary Health School, accompanied and coordinated by Mrs. Andreea Cîcu – educational advisor at SPS “Hippocrate”;

3 young people from the “Traian Vuia” Automotive Technical College Focșani coordinated by the teacher Visan Tescaru Mausi; Daniel Dragan from the “Voluntariat for Life” Association from Mărășești and a foreign volunteer, Chiara Pistonecoming to the county through one of the association’s Erasmus projects; Grosu Stanica – judo teacher and coach and last but not least, our hosts from the “Vasile Alecsandri” CN from Galati, 2 young volunteers, Ruxandra and Alexandrutogether with the director of the college, prof. Zamphire Romeo and prof. Onuț Atanasiu.

Today we managed, with the will of God and our partners mentioned in the press release, to make two happy souls together with their grandmother, Viorica Tenov and their father respectively. I can’t describe the joy in their eyes!!! Thank you to Mrs. Zdrîncu Orania from the Focșani Youth Center – Vrancea County Sports Directorate, SPS Hippocrate Focșani, School Center for Inclusive Education “Elena Doamna” Focșani, “Traian Vuia” Focșani Automotive Technical College, Judo Hall (sensei Stănică Grosu), The “Volunteering for Life” Association from Mărășești, the Millennium Association and SC Efarm Top Focsani“, wrote on Facebook on Thursday evening, after returning from Galați, Mrs Andreea Cîcu – educational advisor at the “Hippocrate” Post-secondary Health School.

Also on the way back from the “Caravan of involved youth” project, his grandmother Alexi and Gabi was responding to our social media posts: “What can I say, that I, Mamița, was the happiest grandmother that ever existed, thanks to some people with soul and involvement, who followed through on an idea that materialized. Some children (my grandchildren along with 3 classmates), along with volunteers and good people, were happy that today was more… different than the others. Christmas Lent begins, the period of the year when…Saint Necula, Căciunul are opportunities to do good deeds, perhaps more so than at any other time of the year.

May the good God make happy all those who made a great joy today and wherever the steps will lead them to find all the good in the world. I think that Luisa from up there is also praying with us to God-God“. The Focșani Youth Center – Vrancea County Sports Directorate thanks all the participants of the “Caravan of involved youth”, the volunteers of the “Hippocrate” Focșani Post-secondary School of Health, the “Elena Doamna” Focșani School Center for Inclusive Education, the “Traian Vuia” Focșani Automotive Technical College and the hosts from the National College “Vasile Alecsandri” Galati and Noah Galati Restaurant.

Also, we would like to thank those who supported us in the realization of the 4th edition of this project, EFARM TOP SRL and sensei Grosu Stanicaas well as our partners in the project, the “Hippocrates” Sanitary Post-secondary School, the “Milenialii” Community Development Association and the “Voluntary for Life” Association from Mărășești.

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