“Men and women are created differently by God”

“Men and women are created differently by God”
“Men and women are created differently by God”


Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate they told their story in an interview conducted by the famous Piers Morgan. The British journalist used to the public with impactful material, including that interview that led to Cristiano Ronaldo being fired by Manchester United on November 22, 2022.

The British Andrew Tate (36 years old) and Tristan Tate (35 years old) escaped the measure of preventive arrest and that of house arrest, but they are not allowed to leave Bucharest and Ilfov county without a valid consent. They had asked to leave Romania.

They were accused of several crimes, including forming an organized criminal group, human trafficking, rape, illegal access to computer system, beating or other violence, etc.

The Tate Brothers, interview with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan first spoke to Andrew Tate, the most vocal of the brothers, former kickboxer and mma fighter. The British press considered this interview “weird”, based on what Tate said.

At one point, Andrew Tate claimed he had “hundreds of millions of dollars”, and Piers Morgan replied that it was not true and reminded him that 17 million had been confiscated. Thus, Tate was asked where the rest of the money was.

“I must have lost them”was his serene reply.

“How did you pay your bills?”was Morgan’s immediate retort, to which Tate replied: “God paid my bills. (…) I have to trust the Romanian judicial system. I have no other solution. I’m not a coward, I’m not going to run away”.

Obviously, the discussion also addressed the topic related to women and the accusations brought against him, or the fact that he is considered a misogynist. Andrew Tate also spoke about “his girl”, but also about his view of women in general.

“My daughter works at Starbucks to pay her rent. (…) I think women’s power lies in modesty. Men and women were created differently by God. A man has certain occupations and a woman has certain occupations. (. ..) Women are emotional. It’s a superpower”Tate said.

In this context, Piers Morgan asked him where those posts of his came from where he said that “women are slaves”and his answer was even more surprising: “Slave Carrying the Booty”.

Accused of human trafficking, Andrew Tate was asked if he used the ‘lover boy’ method.

“You know what the ‘loverboy method’ means? It means to be kind, polite and good. And they really liked it, as a person, (loverboy) told them how to post on TikTok, he’s a loving boy!”Tate replied.

The Tate brothers have been in pre-trial detention for more than three months

The Tate brothers were remanded in custody in December 2022, and as of March 31, 2023, were placed under house arrest. On August 4, they escaped house arrest and were placed under judicial supervision, a more permissive measure. Thus, Piers Morgan did not avoid the subject of the arrest either.

“They weren’t even able to translate my arrest warrant. (…) The prison in Romania is exactly as bad as people expect it to be, although the cockroaches weren’t too bad. It’s very stressful and the most good thing you can do is go back to God and train as much as possible. I did thousands of push-ups daily. Daily! I wasn’t allowed to go out, I didn’t have time to go out in the yard. I was 24 hours a day day locked in a room, probably three or four meters. And you do nothing but look at the wall and think, ‘Life is bad.’ Tears were streaming down my face, but I wasn’t cryingsaid Andrew Tate.

“I mean you cried. But you say that so you don’t look weak”was Piers Morgan’s reply.

“I don’t agree. Of course not. This is a perfect scenario to cry in, but I think the act of crying is an act of desperation, sitting and crying is an act in itself. Doing push-ups thinking at your kids with tears streaming down your face. But I was preoccupied with doing as many push-ups as possible that day, I don’t consider crying, I consider tears streaming down your face”was Andrew Tate’s reaction.

He also spoke about law enforcement, but also about prison guards: “They apologized a lot. They were all very sorry for what happened to me… They were like, ‘Look, you’ve gotten too big, I’m sorry, that’s how things work and I’m sorry. This is the table your.’ No one had any real problem with me. There were a few situations where violent incidents could have occurred. They would have liked the opportunity to threaten me… And they realized that it would have been a decision stupid”.

Among other things, Andrew Tate stated that the anti-covid vaccine is “poison” and asked the journalist if he also attended that party of the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the midst of the pandemic.

Tate believes the allegations against him are “a mess” and that he was jailed for his views on the coronavirus and the war in Ukraine: “It’s all a joke”.

  • At the end of September, the Tate brothers escaped the ban on leaving Bucharest and Ilfov County without prior consent, but were banned from leaving Romania, despite their lawyers’ request.

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