DOCUMENTS How the Special Section wanted to accuse of blackmail the NGOs and journalists dissatisfied with the media communication guide made by the CSM led by Lia Savonea / The Section requested an interception warrant for the head of Freedom House, Cristina Guseth, and the prosecutor Alexandra Lancranjan


The prosecutor of the former Special Section, Zarafina Puiu, requested on June 11, 2019 a technical surveillance mandate for the head of Freedom House, Cristina Gusethand Alexandra Lancranjanpresident of the Liderjust Association, member of AMASP (another association of prosecutors) and, last but not least, the DNA prosecutor who investigated the former PSD leader Liviu Dragnea in the Tel Drum case – it is shown in the documents from the file of former DNA prosecutors Ciprian Man and Cristian Ardelean consulted by

Prosecutors of the Section for the Investigation of Criminal Justice (SIIJ), Zarafina Puiu and Adina Florea, were instrumental in the file of the two former DNA prosecutors. Now, the two SIIJ prosecutors are retired.

On May 31, 2019, however, the prosecutors of the Special Section obtained a technical supervision mandate for the former DNA Man and Ardelean prosecutors from the High Court judge, Simona Neniță (wife of the lawyer Mihai Dinu, defender of the former PSD senator convicted for corruption, Cătălin Voicu, now pensioner too).

This is how SIIJ prosecutors managed to intercept telephone conversations from June 5, 2019 between prosecutor Cristian Ardelean and the head of the NGO Freedom House, Cristina Guseth. The prosecutor from Oradea had come to Bucharest and was preparing to go out to a terrace with Cristina Guseth and several journalists.

In the phone calls, Cristina Guseth explains to the Ardelean prosecutor (also a member of the AMASP Prosecutors’ Association) that the head of the CSM Lia Savonea put into public debate the new “guide to good practices in the relationship between the judicial system and the mass media”, and this guide was restrictive for the press.

In the context, it should be stated that the respective guide was adopted, is still in force today, and makes it very difficult for journalists to obtain information from judicial institutions. For example, according to this guide, prosecutors’ offices are no longer allowed to include in press releases the names of defendants who are not public officials.

Therefore, Cristina Guseth tried to mobilize the magistrates who are also NGOs, such as Cristian Ardelean and Alexandra Lăncrănjan, to take a stance in the press together with the journalists and express their dissatisfaction with the guide developed by the CSM led by Lia Savonea.

Photo: documents from the SIIJ file; Source:

In another intercepted conversation, Cristina Guseth and Cristi Ardelean joke about her car”from George Soros“.

Photo: documents from the SIIJ file; Source:

SIIJ prosecutor Zarafina Puiu notes that articles critical of the CSM guide actually appeared in the press, including an article from signed by judge and NGO Cristi Danileț, published on June 9, 2019, in which he criticized the restrictive CSM guide.

On June 10, 2029, the head of the CSM Lia Savonea issued a press release in which she accused the media discrediting campaign of the best practices guide in the relationship between the judicial system and the media.

On June 11, 2019, SIIJ prosecutor Zarafina Puiu applied to the High Court for an interception warrant for Cristina Guseth and prosecutor Alexandra Lancrănjan.

Prosecutor Zarafina Puiu interpreted Cristina Guseth’s approach as right blackmail to the head of CSM Lia Savonea, with the aim of obtaining benefits for press publications. Everything, coordinated by George Soros.

Photo: documents from the SIIJ file; Source:

However, the SIIJ prosecutor’s request to issue interception warrants for Guseth and Lăncrănjan was rejected even by judge Simona Neniță, who initially issued the technical surveillance warrants for prosecutors Man and Ardelean.

Then, in July, ÎCCJ judge Ioana Bogdan also rejected the SIIJ prosecutor’s request to extend the technical supervision for Man and Ardelean prosecutors on the grounds that, after a month of wiretapping, she did not obtain anything relevant for the criminal case.

It should be noted here that the SIIJ file, consulted by, is also attached private conversations between the Ardelean prosecutor and his wife, discussing their child.

Attached are descriptions and social media posts of Cristina Guseth, including a photo of her in 2014 with then-US Vice President Joe Biden.

They are attached sheets from the Journalists’ Population Record and surveillance reports of prosecutor Cristian Ardelean’s meetings in the city with journalists, at various terraces such as Lokal or the French Institute and the Expirat club. 4 police officers from the DOS (Special Operations Directorate) were on their trail.

In context, it should be stated that, in June 2019, the head of the SIIJ was the prosecutor Gheorghe Stan zis Geani, current CCR judge. Since he was preparing to go to the CCR where he had been appointed, the CSM put out a competition for the position of head of the Special Section, and the prosecutor Adina Florea applied and won. She was never actually appointed head of the SIIJ because the former Minister of Justice Ana Birchall and the members of the Section for Prosecutors of the CSM refused several times in a row to ensure the quorum to formalize the appointment of Adina Florea.

In June 2019, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea was already convicted and in prison, but the system of judicial power set up in his time was still in operation, through the Special Section and the Judicial Inspection.

What former SIIJ prosecutors Adina Florea and Zarafina Puiu say

Contacted by phone by the journalist, former SIIJ prosecutor Adina Florea was surprised when I told her what it was about. “I really don’t know what you are talking about!. I wish you a good day! All the best!“, replied Adina Florea.

In contrast, former prosecutor Zarafina Puiu could not be contacted to express her point of view. If he does after this article appears, we’ll publish his point of view here immediately.

What Cristina Guseth and Alexandra Lăncrănjan say

In 2019, the CSM coordinated a project to increase the transparency of the judicial system; in fact, things were exactly the other way around, transparency was significantly reduced through measures such as: the anonymization of the parties in the file, the names of the magistrates competing for promotion in the system, the anonymization of defendants who are not civil servants, and others, and others.

It is the purpose of us, non-governmental organizations and the media to defend the right of citizens to be correctly informed. Justice and the press are the pillars of resistance of a democratic society.

The fact that a magistrate from Romania, an EU country, a NATO member, is formulating a request to put me under surveillance for the alleged crime of blackmail shows that he does not understand how a democratic society works. The fact that in the justification for the wiretap request a magistrate argues that we are coordinated by George Soros tells me that disinformation produces victims in the judicial system. Good, and that Eugen Ionesco is always current. The good news is that, at the end of the line, there was a judge who realized the absurdity and ridiculousness of such a request.

Because it is press freedom day, I would like to add that the former PSD leader brought to the center methods that are still practiced at the local level, where in some counties (many, unfortunately) there is no local press left. Because people are afraid; how I would have been afraid if I had known, four years ago, that my interception was requested for the alleged “crime” of organizing a group of journalists under the coordination of George Soros to blackmail the head of the CSMCristina Guseth declared for

It is a criminal case that has not been completed, I cannot comment on matters that are part of an ongoing investigation“, prosecutor Alexandra Lăncrănjan also sent to

I’m waiting for the case to be resolved so I can say more. In this regard, I have submitted a third request to the ÎCCJ by which I request the urgent resolution of the file. In our case, no genuine act of criminal prosecution has been carried out for over 3 years. I cannot comment on the legality or utility of issuing surveillance warrants in respect of myself and colleague Man, however I can’t understand why conversations with my wife were played back and filed“, the Ardelean prosecutor also declared for

Context. The former DNA prosecutors, Ciprian Man and Cristian Ardelean, now prosecutors at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bihor Court, contested at the High Court the excessive length of the investigation carried out by the Special Section against them for alleged abuses. The investigation is not resolved even now, being in the work of Mihaela Iorga Moraru, a special prosecutor specifically appointed to handle cases with magistrates from the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutors Man and Ardelean revealed that Adina Florea from the Special Section prosecuted them as suspects for blackmail and abuse of office in November 2019. Subsequently, prosecutor Adina Florea was recused and replaced from the case with another prosecutor, who , meanwhile, went to the Judicial Inspection.

The SIIJ prosecutor, Adina Florea, opened a criminal investigation against the former DNA Oradea prosecutors, Ciprian Man and Cristian Ardelean, after recordings appeared in the press with the prosecutors in which they talked about filing criminal cases with some judges in order to instill fear in them. The judges had ordered several solutions that were not to the liking of the prosecutors, such as controversial acquittals. The authenticity of these recordings has not been established, however, until now.

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