The scandal continues after the 14-year-old boy was beaten up

The scandal continues after the 14-year-old boy was beaten up
The scandal continues after the 14-year-old boy was beaten up

The parents of the child beaten naked by the father of a little girl, right in the courtyard of the “Garabet Ibrăileanu” Secondary School in Târgu Frumos, go further and want to hold the director of the educational unit accountable. He believes that Larisa Chelaru should have called an ambulance and not waited for the police to arrive. Moreover, the school is not equipped with video surveillance systems

The parents of the 14-year-old boy, beaten in the school yard by businessman Bogdan Beceru, want justice to be done at any cost. This, after an incident occurred on 04/03/2023 that could have much more serious consequences. Around 11:30, Bogdan Beceru went to the “Garabet Ibrăileanu” Secondary School in the town of Târgu Frumos, Iași county, to pick up his daughter, who is in the second grade. Then, the man was informed that his daughter had been assaulted by Teodor Brînza, a student in the 7th grade.

The boy’s parents testified that Beceru punched him and hit him in the stomach, because he would have disturbed his daughter. Mihai Brînza, the victim’s father, stated that the boy did not hit the girl, but that he would have touched her lightly, while running, when he was heading to the store outside the school. But Bogdan Beceru interpreted the situation totally differently and applied a correction.

In response, the aggressor told the BZI reporters that he did not hit the boy, but that he grabbed his clothes in order to lead him to the school principal. The police also entered the wire and took statements from the parties involved. In past editions of BZI, another case was presented in which several young people beat a minor and published the images on social networks.

The parents of the 14-year-old boy claim that the principal did not manage the situation

Mihai Brînza stated for BZI that Larisa Chelaru, the director of the “Garabet Ibrăileanu” Secondary School, did not manage the situation correctly. The man says the school does not have a video surveillance system, and an ambulance should have been called for the boy.

“It seems like a joke to me. My son was beaten in the school yard. You are safer on the street. The school has no guard, no surveillance cameras. I was called by the headmistress to tell me about the incident. Instead of calling an ambulance, he called the police, but no one came. I went to the police at 14:00 and gave a statement. In three hours, the police were unable to reach the school, they walked for several minutes.

I also learned that the policeman called Bogdan Beceru to convince him that he was wrong. The headmistress omitted that a mother saw the boy being attacked. Dumneaei was a family friend with Beceru, they went on holidays together, and his brother was a sports teacher in the school. I will also file a complaint with the School Inspectorate because the headmistress didn’t do her job,” said Mihai Brînza, the father of the assaulted boy.

It is not the first time that cases of violence in public space have been reported.

The directory put up by the PSD, disturbed that it is in the sights

Contacted by BZI reporters, Larisa Chelaru, the principal of the secondary school and local PSD councilor in the town, continues to claim that she acted according to the book. Moreover, he also explained the relationship with Bogdan Beceru: in Târgu Frumos, everyone knows everyone.

“The procedure is to contact the local police officer. There is no monster scandal at our school. We are about to start the other actions. The Board of Directors was convened. It is very easy to blame others. I have been a director for 1 year. We have a limited budget. We took care of the renovation, the benches, the town hall also supported us.

To top it off, on 31.03.2023 (before the incident – no) I accepted an offer for the installation of a video surveillance system. The abuser did wrong, he needed to come talk to me, let’s get the kids face to face. Decisions are not made on a whim. I have no connection (about Bogdan Beceru), in Târgu we know each other. Because of a parent who did not control himself, we are in the crosshairs. This parent does not represent us as a school”, explained Larisa Chelaru.

The representatives of the Iași County School Inspectorate (ISJ) said that they were informed about the situation at the “Garabet Ibrăileanu” Secondary School and that they will analyze the parents’ complaint when it is registered. At this moment, a criminal file is opened for hitting, Bogdan Beceru being fined for entering the school yard without permission. Teodor Brînza received 4 days of care, according to the medico-legal certificate issued by the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) Iași.

The scandal in which the 14-year-old boy was beaten up by a businessman from Iasi risks escalating, because the victim’s parents believe that the incident will be covered up.

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