Oradea beat Cluj, after a scandalous match! (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Oradea beat Cluj, after a scandalous match! (PHOTO/VIDEO)
Oradea beat Cluj, after a scandalous match! (PHOTO/VIDEO)

The National Basketball League derby ended on Saturday evening, with the clear victory of the CSM CSU Oradea team over the Cluj team from U-BT Cluj Napoca, score 82-74, after a very tense match.

The Cluj player Karel Guzman was eliminated, as early as the 11th minute, after he tried to jump into the fight!

Encroachment on the field

The rivalry between the two teams was well felt by the large number of basketball fans who watched the match in the Oradea Arena. The hall was full of supporters, over 4,860, according to official data, a record attendance for a match held in the city’s multipurpose hall on Crișul Repede.

In addition to the crowd of red-blue fans, over 260 supporters of the Cluj team were also present in the stands, which was to be expected, given the importance of the match.

The intense game also had a rare moment on the basketball court. In the second quarter, the player of the visiting team Karel Guzman had an uncontrolled exit, after an alleged challenge of the player Nikola Markovic, and spirits heated up, resulting in a fight on the field between the players and staff members of the two teams.

The match was stopped, Karel Guzman could hardly be subdued, and in the end the referees sanctioned him with disqualification, which forced him to leave the arena.

Head to head

The game was very contested and with a balanced score throughout. After the first ten minutes, moreover, the scoreboard indicated an equal score, 26-26.

The second quarter followed, when CSM CSU took control and distanced itself to 13 points, score 49-36, to enter the big break with a seven-point advantage for the red-blues, score 50-43.

At the restart, the third quarter was not so successful for the team from Bihor, CSM CSU scoring only 11 points in these ten minutes, compared to 20 of the team from Cluj, which took the advantage, score 61-63, in the last break.

The beginning of the last quarter brought the first points for U BT, which distanced itself to 61-67, but followed a comeback by the hosts, who equalized at 67, after which it went head to head until the end, when the students of coach Cristian Achim took the lead, score 76-74.

The end of the game was well managed by CSM CSU, which prevailed in the end with a score of 82-74 and achieved its 19th consecutive victory in the National League. As a result, the team from Bihor became the sole leader in the TOP 10, where it has an overall record of 12-1. In second place is U-BT Cluj-Napoca, with a record of 11-2.

After the match ended, the technician from Cluj, Mihai Silvășan, also had nervous outbursts. The supporters saw him from the stands how he snapped at the referees and the officials of the Oradean club, visibly displeased.

Barnette, guest of honor

In Saturday night’s game, Erick Neal scored 24 points and was the most effective player of the game. He was followed by CSM CSU Nikola Markovic with 18 points, Josh Bostic with 14 points and Donatas Tarolis, author of 11 points. On the other side, from the Cluj team, Emanuel Cățe scored 16 points, and Nemanja Gordic, 15 points.

It should be mentioned that before the start of the game, the management of the CSM Oradea club awarded the former player of the Bihor team Sean Barnette, who was awarded the title of member of the CSM Oradea Hall of Fame.

The next game of the Oradea men’s basketball team will take place on Wednesday, March 22, also at home, in the company of FC Argeş Piteşti, in a game that will start at 6 p.m.

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