PHOTO. For 9 years, ESTET PRO has been making the world more beautiful! Surprise for customers on birthday watch

PHOTO. For 9 years, ESTET PRO has been making the world more beautiful! Surprise for customers on birthday watch
PHOTO. For 9 years, ESTET PRO has been making the world more beautiful! Surprise for customers on birthday watch

In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, with quartet music, ESTET PRO celebrated together with its dear clients and close friends nine years since it opened the first beauty center in Timișoara.

“We are grateful for every moment, every customer and every achievement that helped us evolve and be here today. Thank you for choosing us with confidence every day! We wouldn’t have gotten here without our wonderful colleagues who have been by our side all these years. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for this! We also thank for the involvement of the collaborators who gave a special touch to our anniversary event, with special music by the ADAGIO Quartet and Vest Sound Grup, appetizers carefully prepared by Chef Florin Ionescu, delicious Alma Dulce cakes and floral decoration Ruth Flowers”, Leila Butiu, manager, said marketing at ESTET PRO.

ESTET PRO is the first center to bring the original Cooltech cryolipolysis to Timișoara, a revolutionary localized slimming treatment. This is still one of the most appreciated treatments in the ESTET PRO centers in Timișoara, Arad and Oradea, together with the most powerful anti-cellulite treatment of the moment VelaShape III, as well as Intraceuticals – the facial treatment of the stars – the only non-injectable method of hyaluronic acid infusion in the dermis with the help of hyperbaric oxygen.

Permanent hair removal with the Elysion-Pro laser is among the most sought-after procedures especially this season, with visible results right from the first session, without pain and discomfort.

ESTET PRO boasts a team of 14 specialists with training and experience in the field of medical aesthetics.

In its centers, it performs premium facial and body treatments, as well as definitive hair removal with non-invasive aesthetic-medical equipment, with clinical studies, international recognition and accreditation.

At the anniversary party, BTL EMBODY was launched, a unique body apparatus in Timișoara.

BTL EMBODY represents the newest CE (European Certificate) approved neuromuscular stimulation technology, which revolutionizes body treatments for muscle relaxation and toning.

The innovative device, developed by BTL Aesthetics, emits electromagnetic pulses that cause the muscles to contract approximately 20,000 times in just 30 minutes. Thus, you enjoy the benefits of two weeks of gym in one session with BTL EMBODY.

Clinical studies show that after a single treatment session with BTL EMBODY the body can gain up to 16% more muscle mass and lose up to 19% fat.


  • trains and shapes the abdominal muscles
  • activates the regeneration of collagen in the lower and pelvic muscle tissues
  • strengthens weak lower pelvic muscles
  • tones the buttocks
  • improves sports performance
  • correctly activates and contracts the muscles to improve endurance and stability
  • treats diastasis recti and loss of muscle tone after pregnancy or excessive weight gain.

“After six sessions with BTL EMBODY it’s like going to the gym for three months. There are 1-2 sessions per week, and the only contraindications are the major ones: pregnancy, lousy, cancers, metals in the body in that area. The device stimulates the nerve, not the muscle, so it doesn’t feel like normal electrotherapy. The procedure is not painful at all and only supra-maximal muscle contraction is felt. The device is also effective for back pain. BTL EMBODY was produced in the Czech Republic”, said Cosmin Gai, regional manager of BTL Romania.

In addition to aesthetic procedures, clients can find, exclusively in ESTET PRO Centers, the internationally awarded facial care products Aqua Mineral with minerals from the Dead Sea and Botanifique, with patented natural plant ingredients.

Clients are expected in an ultra-modern and intimate office, a step away from the city center, to highlight their natural beauty. In addition, they can periodically benefit from attractive promotions, which can be consulted on the website, by phone 0724 415 003 or directly at the ESTET PRO headquarters in Timișoara, located on Alexandru Vlahuță str. 2, et. 1, within the Dr. Hrubaru Medical Center.

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