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“I never broke ties”

“I never broke ties”
“I never broke ties”

Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 11:00 p.m

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Cătălin Drula stated that it is still too early to say whether USR will support a new candidacy of Nicuşor Dan for a second term at the Capital City Hall, but it will be a decision that he will make together with his party colleagues and will be based on performance, perspectives and real options for Bucharest. “Under no circumstances will we leave Bucharest in the hands of Gabriela Firea, again”, added the USR president.

“We have never broken ties with Mr. Nicusor Dan. Incidentally, I was one of the two parties. He became mayor of Bucharest supported by USR and PNL Bucharest. It is still early for this moment (asked if he would support it one more time – no). I also see some things that have not happened in Bucharest for 10 or 15 years. For example, the rehabilitation of the city’s finances. He recently announced that I finally got out of debt. We are part of a local government coalition in Bucharest, together with the PNL. We have another collaboration. That’s why the PNL did not withdraw its support for Mr. Nicusor Dan”, said Cătălin Drula, when asked on Tuesday on TVR Info if USR will have its own candidate for the Capital City Hall or will also support Nicusor Dan for a second mandate.

He added that it is still early for the USR to make a decision now regarding the PMB candidate, but in no case will it leave Bucharest, again, “in the hands of Gabriela Firea”.

“For 2024 it is still early and it is a decision that I take together with my colleagues from the party, based on performance, perspectives and what real options Bucharest has. Under no circumstances will we leave Bucharest in the hands of Gabriela Firea, again”, concluded the USR leader.

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