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The social-democratic deputy Dumitrița Gliga, who also holds the position of interim president of PSD Mureș, participated on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, in the religious and military ceremony dedicated to the Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities – January 24, organized in the yard of the Mureș County Police Inspectorate.

“The Union of the Romanian Principalities primarily represented the centuries-old dream of the inhabitants of these lands, that of realizing the unity of the nation within the borders of ancient Dacia, but from a political and administrative point of view, the artisans of the Little Union initiated a series of particularly brave reforms, through which they laid the foundations of the modern Romanian national state. The date of January 24 must be for us a solemn moment, of turning our eyes, with gratitude, towards an exceptional generation, which merged its own destiny with the destiny of a people, in which they believed and which they served with devotion until the end of life. Happy birthday, dear Romanians!”, wrote, on his Facebook page, deputy Dumitrița Gliga.


The article is in Romanian


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