The guys from “Bismobil Kitchen” have done it badly! Workshop owners

The guys from “Bismobil Kitchen” have done it badly! Workshop owners
The guys from “Bismobil Kitchen” have done it badly! Workshop owners

And the patrons of the furniture workshops in Iași were deceived by the Bessarabians from “Bismobil Kitchen”. Hundreds of people from all over the country have paid the advances in full, but have not received either the furniture or the money. Bessarabian businessmen are nowhere to be found. Complaints have been filed and a class-action lawsuit is also pending to recover the damage

New details appear in connection with the network of Bessarabian businessmen from “Bismobil Kitchen”, who opened dozens of companies in Iași for the sale of kitchen furniture units. The scam was set up by the businessman Mihail Şaran and Andriana Brașoveanu, the administrator of the companies.

Since last year, “Bismobil Kitchen” has opened stores both in Iași and in several cities in the country. Customers were attracted through aggressive social media advertising. At the time when the contracts were to be initialed, they were convinced to pay the full amount, because they would have received a 10 percent discount. Through this method, hundreds of people paid 7,000 euros each, but the amounts were even higher. But the furniture was no longer delivered, and the representatives of the company invented all kinds of excuses. At the end of 2022, the bomb was detonated.

No less than 1,600 people who had contractual relations with the Bessarabians and were cheated signed up in the group “Scammed by Bismobil Kitchen”. Moreover, Cluj lawyer Bogdan Blaj concluded dozens of contracts for a collective lawsuit that will be filed against Bessarabian businessmen. At this time, all shops in the country were closed.

The guys at “Bismobil Kitchen” have done it badly. They also tricked the residents of “Meșteru Lemnărescu”

The people from “Bismobil Kitchen” also tricked the owners of the furniture workshops in Iași, with whom they signed collaboration contracts. This is also the case of Andrei Radu Ghemu, who owns the “Meșteru Lemnărescu” workshop in the premises of the former Moldomobila factory, an investment of approximately 1 million euros. Contacted by BZI reporters, the businessman said that he considers himself lucky because he does not have to recover a very large amount compared to those circulated by defrauded customers.

“We are furniture manufacturers and we started working with them a year ago. It went well for a while, until they forgot to pay. My luck is that I still have about 8,000 lei to recover. From last November they started to stop paying. We managed to put several kitchens into production. They just stopped paying.

I discussed to see what else can be recovered. At one point they wanted 300 kitchens, but I realized something was wrong. We are not guys with two self-tapping machines, the investments are 1 million euros. I didn’t invest to be associated with some pricks. We will join in the process. A lady from the country called me and told me that she also paid 30,000 euros”, stated Andrei Radu Ghemu.

And a family from Târgu Mureș was cheated by the Bessarabian company.

A woman from Iasi hoped until the beginning of 2023

Andreea Apanainteoaei is a customer from Iași who joins the ranks of the complainants cheated by the Bessarabians from “Bismobil Kitchen”. She hoped to receive the furniture by 2/01/2023, but she realized that she was deceived. He saved the money at work in Belgium, but he doesn’t think he’ll ever get it back.

“Initially I went to the store in Tătărași. They changed places several times. In July 2022 I paid 6,300 euros for the kitchen furniture. It was supposed to be delivered on January 2, 2023. I called but no one answered. When I found the group, I realized I had been scammed. I called the gentleman who took my measurements. He told me he didn’t get any money.

I tried amicably with Andriana Brașoveanu. I was able to speak last Friday. He told me he would try to find some furniture in storage, but I think he said that to get rid of me. I was attracted on Facebook, the furniture looked very good. I paid all the money because they offered a discount. I was about to accept the offer for household appliances as well, but I changed my mind at the last moment. Do not imagine that you will be deceived. I joined the class action, they must be held accountable,” the plaintiff explained to BZI.

At this moment, the store on Calea Chișinăului was closed. Dozens of complaints were filed daily at the headquarters of the County Commissioner for Consumer Protection (CJPC) in Iași.

List of companies owned by Bessarabian Mihail Şaran

The spikes were pulled through the following companies controlled by Mihail Șaran and Andriana Brașoveanu: Bismobil Kitchen SRL, Terralogic Services SRL, Anton Partner BK SRL, LSS Partner BK SRL, Stas Partner BK SRL, Expert Finstandard SRL, Green GV Partner BK SRL, Grigo Partner BK SRL, Mora Partner BK SRL, Boris Partner BK SRL, Sergiu Partner BK SRL, Martea Partner BK SRL, Brand Partner BK SRL, Arta Partner BK SRL, Four Partner BK SRL, Artur Partner BK SRL, House Partner BK SRL, Ghe Ca Partner BK SRL, Tagu Partner BK SRL, Style Partner BK SRL, Castle Partner BK SRL, Vegri Partner BK SRL, Stanislav Partner BK SRL, Gava Partner BK SRL, Kitchen Studio BK SRL, Tomsa Partner BK SRL, HV Partner BK SRL, Mobil Partner BK SRL, Tudor Partner BK SRL, Bacala Partner BK SRL, EM&Co Partner BK SRL, Dobri Partner BK SRL. All companies have their headquarters in Iași.

The “Bismobil Kitchen” hawkers have done it badly, but it remains to be seen if the authorities will take action. For now, the total value of the damage is not known.

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