The Digipedia Science show brings two special editions, only at Digi World

The Digipedia Science show brings two special editions, only at Digi World
The Digipedia Science show brings two special editions, only at Digi World

Digi World is preparing, for December 2 and 23, 2022, from 21:00, two special editions of Digipedia Science, in which Romanians will discover how important the scientific and human legacies created are, especially in a universe of changes. During the two editions, viewers will watch a fascinating exchange of roles between the journalist Alexandru Mironov and Dr. Bogdan Ivănescu, and will find out how Digipedia – the only science show in Romania – became an optional subject in 28 schools in Ilfov county, through the “Knowledge Hour” project.

In 2022, the question “Aren’t you afraid of change?” was emphasized at the conversational level, and the future and safety were the main topics of discussion. Although the field of education has been continuously challenged in the past three years, education has remained the pillar of adaptation to change. Digipedia Science recorded, on this occasion, a new premiere in the Romanian media, being the first science show that turned its digital archive into an object of study, more precisely into an integrated optional subject.

In order not to let the students’ curiosity die out, 28 schools from Ilfov county joined the “Knowledge Hour” pilot project, launched at the beginning of this school year. Currently, over 1,300 students, from grades V-VIII, have chosen to participate in the optional course, made available by Digi World, where they have the opportunity to deepen the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and not only (Sciences Life and Earth, socio-human).

Bogdan Chirițoiu, Director of Digi Documentare, said: “I discovered a lot of desire on the part of the teachers to join this project, which was normal to happen. One of the premises from which we started was, in fact, the reality, namely that it is obvious that the student has (finally) become the participatory and proactive element in the modern education process. He indirectly recreates a new training platform, more prepared and adapted to himself, but also to the direction the world is heading. This project is important, because it can be a real catalyst and generator of ideas and action”.

“I can say that the entry of Digipedia into schools is a splendid initiative, which raises the use value of our broadcasts, and that honors me”, mentions Alexandru Mironov, science journalist and mathematician.

“For almost four years, since I’ve been the show’s producer, I’ve tried and, as you can see, managed to make sense of all our journalistic endeavors. The only program dedicated to science in the Romanian media has entered, this year, in schools, among students and teachers, as an optional subject of study, within the Ilfov county. For us, this project represents a real, important and necessary success, which confirms, once again, that we make a fantastic team. I bow down and I’m happy that I’m lucky enough to be here!”, adds Mihaela Popescu, Digipedia Science producer.

A human life, lived in the spirit of discovery and science

Also, on December 2 and 23, Professor Alexandru Mironov and Dr. Bogdan Ivănescu launch a new challenge, reversing the roles on the set that united them: Mr. Mironov is invited in his own show and becomes, from the character, the narrator of his own life.

The new Digipedia editions do not aim to explain the world, but to narrate a human life, lived exclusively in the spirit of discovery and science, for the joy of knowing the world and the miracle of life, but also how we can contribute to the cultural heritage, starting with the education system Romanian.

“It is a privilege to be able to lead the discussion with a man who has always set the tone and who, now, is in the position, not to concentrate the information, but to let it flow. It’s all the more rewarding for me, the one who has the chance to be in the role of Professor Mironov, and I think that any step out of the comfort zone is an opportunity for growth, in normal situations. I had a limited period of time, in which I wanted to learn as much as possible about the life and experiences of the one who educated my childhood. This passing through times has its value and creates bridges to the soul, not just to the memory”, said Dr. Bogdan Ivănescu.

More details about the new editions can be found on the official website and Facebook page.

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