“We received a mission from the EU and NATO”

“We received a mission from the EU and NATO”
“We received a mission from the EU and NATO”

The Republic of Moldova is divided between pro-EU, respectively pro-Romania and pro-Russians (no – pro-Russians). However, the reunion could happen, against the backdrop of the desire of the citizens across the Prut to take refuge in the EU and NATO, believes Ion Cristoiu.

However, the journalist is of the opinion that this approach is quite dangerous.

“We received a mission from the EU and NATO to collect money instead of Moldova. We are getting our hands in that problem day by day. Of course, they are our brothers, but there are huge problems there, Maia Sandu is no longer in control.

(…) Our mix-up can cost us. We were told that there is a huge window of opportunity (no – the union), but they give us the hot potato”declared Ion Cristoiu, for the Event of the Day.

Major tensions in the Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, with Maia Sandu at the helm, is in an unprecedented crisis, the writer also warned.

“Moldova represents a big problem for the European Union. Maia Sandu is currently on duke. Her recent gestures are from Monica Macovei becoming president. You saw those leaks (no – the interceptions given by Libertatea), the members of her government were plotting worse than Dragnea.

At first she was very cautious, because the Republic of Moldova is three-quarters Russified. She avoided being Zelenski, but now she is Zelenski. He wrote in Politico that Moldova is the last wall before the Russians come. There were demonstrations, we were told that they are paid, but they are really in a disastrous situation”commented Cristoiu.

Union with Romania from Moldova is demanded!

The PSD president from Bessarabia, Ion Sula, also recently spoke about the union of Romania with Moldova.

“(…) I think ten years is an optimistic option for the Republic of Moldova. We have to get out of the situation we are in now. If there was political will, the shortest way would be union. Union is done by vote”said Sula, in a TV show from Bessarabia.

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