It’s good to have an alternative power source for your home

It’s good to have an alternative power source for your home
It’s good to have an alternative power source for your home

The head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat, said on Thursday, on Antena 3 CNN, that the probability of a total blackout in Romania is low.

“However, if there are power outages that do not necessarily have to be because of the war, they can also be because of big storms, as we had in 2017 in important areas in the west of the country and in the south of the country. So there are more things to consider…..Essential critical infrastructures like hospitals, different institutions must already have generators that kick in immediately when the power goes out.

So all hospitals have this in their structure and it is mandatory that it be checked, tested, functional, powered so that it starts working immediately”, declared Arafat, on CNN’s Antena 3.

“On the other side, at the level of civil protection, at the level of the DSU, in recent years we have equipped ourselves with an important number of very high capacity generators, like the ones we used in the west of the country for a few days and led quite important areas by supplying them with electricity in the south of the country, in the Ialomita area.

They can be made available immediately and connected to the transformers that supply certain areas where there are especially institutions of major importance,” Arafat added.

According to Arafat, if we are going to have problems, we will have them because of snow storms and blizzards rather than because of the situations that generated the problems now in Moldova and Ukraine, that is, because of the war.

How do you light the house? For this we need to always have on hand for unforeseen situations, let’s say, especially batteries and flashlights, but also other systems, such as lamps, candles.

Batteries and flashlights are ideal, because the other elements can lead to certain accidents that can occur at a given time inside the building and which are not desirable.

Blackout Solutions Romania: How do you heat when you no longer have any heating source? These measures start from being able to set a certain temperature inside the building.

This temperature, first and foremost you can rebuild it taking into account the avoidance of energy losses in the apartment or the house, by locating it in a space of the house that first and foremost assumes as many buffer zones with air to insulate from the outside, which involves building a small shelter, like a tent, let’s say, some blankets that are placed over a table, which can be lined with various materials that allow the temperature to be maintained and which, very importantly, must to be in an area of ​​the house that allows you easy access to the kitchen, to the food area and to the money, said Dumitru Chisăliță, president of the Intelligent Energy Association.

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