The former leader of the Turda underworld, the dreaded “Balibacea”, became a mathematics teacher. Colleagues are on strike – PHOTO

The former leader of the Turda underworld, the dreaded “Balibacea”, became a mathematics teacher. Colleagues are on strike – PHOTO
The former leader of the Turda underworld, the dreaded “Balibacea”, became a mathematics teacher. Colleagues are on strike – PHOTO

The former leader of the underworld in Turda, Ovidiu Vancea, known as “Balibacea”, became a professor of mathematics at the Mihai Viteazu National College in Turda.

There are dissatisfactions from the parents also due to the fact that, recently, Ovidiu Vancea “Balibacea”, whom the generations of parents know as a leader of the underworld of their time, sentenced to prison and with criminal problems, arrived at the Mathematics department. many times.

The teachers from a high school in Cluj went on a Japanese strike. The director of the educational unit will resign

Ovidiu Vancea, known as Balibacea, and 4 other accomplices were detained in 2012 by the prosecutors in Cluj, because they defrauded several warehouses of construction materials.

Ovidiu Vancea was considered one of the most dangerous criminals in Cluj. He was tried at the Iasi Court of Appeal because, in 2003, he allegedly ordered the assassination of an international leader from Turda. Balibacea had his men throw a grenade into the Pharaon pizzeria at the exit from Turda, towards Cluj Napoca.

At the Cluj Court, he was tried in a fraud case

Balibacea was detained, in 2010, by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office next to the Cluj Court of Appeal for deception with particularly serious consequences. The damage has not been estimated yet, but it amounts to 700,000 lei.

In 2012, Balibacea was sentenced to 5 years in prison with execution. The Cluj Court also sentenced: Cristea Adrian Ioan and Scurtu Gheorghe Anton, to 8 years in prison, Sbarcea Gheorghe, 7 years in prison, Pusa Liviu Florin, 6 years in prison, Sandru Vasile Daniel, 5 years in prison, Felecan Andrei Petru and Oprea Cozmin Aurelian, each 4 years in prison. Suspended sentences were given to: Mitrean Alexandru, Moldovan Ion, Cupar Mircea, 3 years in prison each, and Lamurean Ioan, 1 year in prison.

Later, Ovidiu Vancea appealed the sentence, and in 2015 the Cluj Court of Appeal increased the sentence to 10 years in prison. Balibacea reasoned that he will be the father of twins, the mother of his children being a young woman he met while he was in detention. The court did not give in and increased the sentence given by the trial court, from 5 years in prison to 10 years in prison, “for committing the crime of incitement to fraud which produced particularly serious consequences, in a continuous form, by removing the circumstances mitigating factors provided by article 74 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, article 76 paragraph 1 letter a, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code”.

The sentence could be appealed to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, but it is not known what the outcome was because the older sentences are not kept in the archive.

Professor “Balibacea” was acquitted in the case regarding the attempted murder at the Pharaon pizzeria

Ovidiu Vancea, known as “Balibacea” was in prison for 22 months for allegedly ordering the assassination of a rival, in the Pharaon pizzeria, at the entrance of Turda.

According to DIICOT prosecutors, Balibacea wanted to “eliminate” a rival, using a war grenade. The attack took place in Pizzeria Pharaon in Turda, on May 7, 2004, the targeted person being Gheorghe Otvos, known as Gagarin. Four masked people opened the restaurant door and threw a grenade in the direction of Gagarin’s table. As a result of the explosion, nine people suffered serious injuries.

DIICOT prosecutors arrested Ovidiu Vancea, along with three other men, on charges of attempted murder. Vancea was in custody for 22 months, being sent to court and acquitted in all courts.

The act existed, but there was no evidence that it was committed by Ovidiu Vancea and the other three men. The High Court of Cassation and Justice decided, in 2013, the final acquittal of Vancea. Subsequent.

Later, he sued the Romanian state and demanded compensation of one million lei for the 22 months spent in custody. He said his social life was “ruined” because his wife divorced him.

The judges gave him the sum of 90,000 lei, as compensation.

Photo: Ovidiu Vancea, known as “Balibacea” in 2010

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