German wanted internationally, caught in Romania with a fancy license. What imaginary country was on the document

German wanted internationally, caught in Romania with a fancy license. What imaginary country was on the document
German wanted internationally, caught in Romania with a fancy license. What imaginary country was on the document

The border police at the Oancea Border Crossing Point detected a German citizen, on whose name there was an arrest warrant issued by the German authorities.

The German citizen was handed over to the police PHOTO Border Police

On November 22, at around 11:15 a.m., a 34-year-old German citizen presented himself at the Oancea – ITPF Iasi Border Crossing Point to complete the necessary formalities for crossing the state border, in order to enter the country.

At the border control, the police found that the German authorities had issued an alert for the implementation of a European arrest, surrender or extradition warrant in the man’s name for the crime of falsifying documents.

“Following a thorough check on the man, a fancy driver’s license printed with his photo and identity data, issued by the non-existent “German Empire”, was discovered on him”stated police inspector Mădălina Carp, spokesperson of STPF Galati.

With regard to the findings, the man stated that the document in question is a professional certificate of a forklift operator.

The police have opened a criminal case in this case for complicity in falsifying material in official documents.

The German citizen was handed over to an operative team from the Criminal Investigation Service of IPJ Galati in order to take the necessary legal measures.

A Romanian bought a fake license from Poland for 700 euros and drove cars around the country for 5 years

Border guards detect people using fake driver’s licenses almost every day. A Romanian bought a fake driving license from Poland for 700 euros and used it for five years.

The man (Florin C.) told the police that he was convinced that the license was valid, considering that the person who gave it to him in Poland made him take an exam in front of a computer that he passed.

The act took place on March 8, 2020, and the first decision in court was pronounced on November 17, 2022. At the moment he was stopped by the Traffic Police crew, the man presented a category B license. Following the checks carried out, it was found that he does not possess a valid driving license issued by the Polish authorities.

“He admitted committing the crimes he was charged with, showing that he obtained the driver’s license presented to the police on the territory of Poland in July 2017 with the help of a person he met in a cafe, to whom remitted the sum of 700 euros, and this procured his driver’s license. The defendant specified that the signature that appears on the face of the driver’s license belongs to him, he signed on a sheet of paper, and the author of the forgery printed his signature on the face of the document in question, the defendant also proceeded in a similar way with regard to the photo printed on the license”it is stated in the content of the decision of the Alba Iulia Court.

Convicted of two felonies

The man told the police that he took a theoretical exam on the computer, and the person in question gave him the correct answers, and two days later they met to hand over the license. He took his photo in a studio, then went and handed it to the person who forged his license.

The magistrate found him guilty of two offences: driving without a license and using a forgery. “The court considers that the pronouncement of a sentence of imprisonment constitutes a necessary warning for the defendant, likely to make him aware of the facts committed, so that in the future he refrains from resorting to such antisocial acts”is also supported in the decision.

The resulting sentence is 1 year and 3 months in prison, suspended under supervision for a term of 2 years. During the term of supervision, the defendant will perform unpaid work for the benefit of the community for a period of 60 days. The decision can be appealed.

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