The drama of the Furdui family, left childless in Germany. The older boy fled to Romania

The drama of the Furdui family, left childless in Germany. The older boy fled to Romania
The drama of the Furdui family, left childless in Germany. The older boy fled to Romania

The drama of the Furdui family, left in April 2021 without their seven children, taken from their parents by the Child Protection in Germany, continues even a year and a half after the event. Meanwhile, one of the children, in the custody of the German authorities, fled to Romania.

Being in Jugendamt custody, the eldest son of the Furdui family fled to Romania PHOTO Facebook

While two of the girls, Estera (14) and Natalia (13) have been allowed to return home, the other five children are still being kept away from their parents. Lea (two and a half years old) is in foster care with a foster carer.

“Dating with boys is heavily policed”

According to Paraschiva Bloju, the aunt of the seven children, the parents can see the two-and-a-half-year-old girl, Lea, once every two weeks. The boys, Albert (10) and Ruben (12), moved to a ‘children’s village’ 100 km from home after running away from school to go home, are seen by their parents once in three weeks, for 90 minutes.

“Dating with boys is heavily policed. Parents must get approval for the topics they want to discuss with the boys. Themes such as home, other siblings, trial, homecoming, grandparents are prohibited. They are not allowed to take any objects or pictures from home”explained Paraschiva Bloju.

“David came up with a plan to escape”

According to the children’s aunt, the eldest of the girls, Naomi (16), is in a home from which she has repeatedly asked to be “released”. Naomi can go home once every two weeks, from Friday to Sunday. David (17 years old) was also in the same dormitory. In a “leave” at the end of October, David ran away, secretly, to his relatives in Romania.

David and Naomi repeatedly said they wanted to return home, social workers and guardians did not allow them to do so and spoke ill of their parents. Desperate after these discussions with the tutor and other Jugendamt representatives, David thought of a plan to escape and fled to Romania to his relatives. He considered it inadmissible that at the age of 17 his wish to return home should be ignored. Now he is happy to be able to continue his life away from the Jugendamt”said Paraschiva Bloju.

The children’s aunt said the children still kept away from their parents “suffer a lot because of the separation”.

“They have expressed in many ways their desire to be allowed to return home. I am in bad shape, both mentally and physically. Lea often appears depressed on dates and often has bruises. One of the children had to be treated in a psychiatric ward”also declared Paraschiva Bloju.

“MAE gives special priority to this case”

At the request of “Adevărul”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it has been following the case of the Furdui family since its inception, giving it “high priority”. The MAE also confirmed the flight to Romania of one of Furdui’s children.

The Furdui family, before taking over the children PHOTO Personal archive

The Furdui family, before taking over the children PHOTO Personal archive

“Recently, the members of the Furdui family notified the Romanian authorities about the voluntary arrival in Romania of one of the children, at the end of October 2022. According to the data provided, leaving the home where he had been placed by the Jugendamt Heidekreis took place without the consent of the German authorities, who ensured care of the minor. Considering that at the time of his arrival in the country, he was without parental care, the competent Romanian authorities ordered, as an emergency, the special protection measures applicable in the case of any other minor, a Romanian citizen, who, for reasons beyond his control, did not is still under the supervision of his parents”it is stated in the answer of the MAE

The MAE gave assurances that it supports the efforts of the minors’ families, “including through the means of intervention possible based on German legislation and international law on the matter and considering ensuring compliance with the principle of the best interests of the child”.

How the Furdui family’s nightmare began

The drama of the Furdui family, moved in 2012 from Spain to Germany, began after the eldest child, 16 years old, complained about the relationship with his parents, but also about the fact that the two younger boys are sometimes beaten by their mother.

“In retrospect, David himself says he was in a bad way during that lockdown period. He was angry and frustrated and exaggerated the statements made to the school social worker. He never saw his parents beat his brothers and sisters”the aunt says now to the children.

Child Protection discovered that the Furdui family goes to church weekly, creating a profile of “extremely religious people who do not give their children access to all relevant topics in society”.

According to Paraschiva Bloju, neither before the children were taken over, nor afterwards were the parents subjected to a police investigation to determine whether the children were abused.

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