The Bride Season 9, May 13, 2024. Serious rule violation with immediate consequences. What did Maria and Stefan do

The Bride Season 9, May 13, 2024. Serious rule violation with immediate consequences. What did Maria and Stefan do
The Bride Season 9, May 13, 2024. Serious rule violation with immediate consequences. What did Maria and Stefan do

Maria and Ștefan fantasized the cameras and lavalieres at the Saturday party in the Bride’s house. The two lovers broke the rules of the show. Simona Gherghe announced that Mrs. Iuliana’s son is entering the elimination race.

In the Mireasa live show on May 13, 2024, Simona Gherghe announced that there was a serious violation of the rules at the party. Maria and Ștefan were caught cheating on cameras and lavaliers. Ștefan enters the elimination race alongside Natalia, Adriana and Ionela. The race is available on and in the Antena 1 Application.

How did Maria and Stefan break the rules of the Bride house

Iuliana brought 3 glasses of wine to the terrace: one for her, one for Maria and one for Stefan. Iuliana got lucky with Ștefan, and Maria then wanted to have a dialogue with her lover. He called her behind the pole and covered the lavalier while telling her to be careful with Iuliana.

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In the live broadcast of Mireasa Maria, she admitted what she thinks about Iuliana.

“That’s exactly what I think about Iuliana: That she’s fake, that she doesn’t have feelings for Vlad. I think Iuliana is fake and it hurts me to say that, because I considered her close. It’s not about jealousy. I saw numerous gestures coming from her to Stefan.

Iuliana admitted that she also broke the rules with Maria several times

Iuliana admitted that she and Maria broke the rules by both talking in the shower, without a shower.

“The two of us broke the rules without the production knowing. Every time we talk in the shower without a lavalier. I broke the rules many times”, said Iuliana.

“Iuliana called me to the shower when she was in the elimination race with Adriana. At that moment he told me to go to AntenaPLAY to ask for support for Adriana, because she wanted to leave, when she was getting to know Vlad. From now on we are just colleagues!”, said Maria.

“God forbid! You have no respect! You are jealous,” said Iuliana.

What sanction did Simona Gherghe announce for breaking the rules in the Mireasa house

Maria admitted all the rule violations and had a dialogue with Stefan in which she said everything she felt.

Maria stated in the live show that she felt very affected and started to cry.

Simona Gherghe announced the sanction for Ștefan.

“Maria, I appreciate the honesty! You are forgiven! Ștefan, you will enter the elimination race alongside the girls who are already there”, said Simona Gherghe.

The bride – the rhythm of the heart, from Monday to Friday, from 14:00

Nine girls and nine boys entered the Bridal House at the beginning of the season, the place where the heartbeat will accelerate, in search of great love. Surprising life stories, emotion, love, intrigue, twists and turns, shocking revelations, unique moments, joy, friendship, unconditional love, spectacular marriage proposals, happy brides and grooms, expected and less expected weddings, love like magic , life in Casa Mireasa captured 24 hours a day, all of these are part of the Mireasa phenomenon, a reality show that returns today, with a new season, broadcast from Monday to Friday, from 2:00 p.m., on Antena 1.

“We come with a lot of surprises and with a record regarding the presence of mothers in the show: no less than 8 mothers say with their boys in Casa Mireasa. More precisely, all Romanian boys come accompanied by their mothers. For the ninth contestant, we’re keeping it a mystery until the premiere. We thank the viewers for their loyalty and we expect them to join us, from Monday to Friday, from 14:00, at Antena 1″, reveals Simona Gherghe.

In addition, as in the previous season, the public can still follow the adventures in the contestants’ houses on the exclusive live channels dedicated to AntenaPLAY.

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