What is Maria Ciobanu’s name, actually. Few people know her real name: “Her name is not Ciobanu”

What is Maria Ciobanu’s name, actually. Few people know her real name: “Her name is not Ciobanu”
What is Maria Ciobanu’s name, actually. Few people know her real name: “Her name is not Ciobanu”

Maria Ciobanu is one of the most beloved singers of popular music from us. However, few know what the artist’s name is actually. Ciobanu is the stage name of the singer, and not the one in the bulletin.

What is Maria Ciobanu’s name, actually

Although an entire country knows Ion Dolănescu’s widow as Maria Ciobanu, this is only the stage name of the artist. It is true that the first name has remained the same, but the last name in the bulletin is completely different.

The popular music performer, who was born on September 3, 1937, in Roșiile, Vâlcea county, was given the name Maria Diaconu at birth. According to teacher Mihai Bădescu, “Ciocârlia” became famous with the name of a village close to his birthplace.

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More precisely, she was inspired by the village of Ciobănești in Vâlcea county to choose her artist name.

“Ciobanu is not her name in the documents. Her parents were called Curea and Diaconu, and she took her name from the village of Ciobănești”, revealed, at one point, the teacher Mihai Bădescu, one of the great interpreter’s close friends.

Although her name in the bulletin is Diaconu, the beloved performer preferred, upon her launch in popular music, to be known as Ciobanu.

How many children does Maria Ciobanu have, in fact

Maria Ciobanu had a tumultuous love life. She has been married twice and has three children from different relationships. Maria Ciobanu’s first legal husband was an artist named Florea Burnea. From the fruit of their love came a girl, Camelia. But at the time the singer married him, she had another daughter, Leontina (Văduva), whose father was from Maria Ciobanu’s native village.

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Then followed the relationship with the late Ion Dolănescu. The two lived a love story like in the movies and became the parents of a boy, Ionuț Dolănescu.

All three children of the artist are accomplished people. The folk singer’s eldest daughter, Leontina (62), is a well-known soprano in France, but in her youth she sang folk music, just like her mother.

Camelia Ciobanu (55), the middle daughter of Maria Ciobanu, lives with her mother in the United States. Camelia is in her third marriage, being currently married to the American Robert Saltz, to whom she gave a son. She also has a 23-year-old daughter and a son from previous marriages.

As for Ionuț Dolănescu, the artist needs no introduction. The son of Ion Dolănescu and Maria Ciobanu is married to Doina Dolănescu, an artist like her husband, and together they have two boys, Iancu Nicolae and Vlad.

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