Chinese horoscope for the week of February 5-11, 2024. The last days of the year of the Rabbit prepare us for the fierce year of the Dragon

Chinese horoscope for the week of February 5-11, 2024. The last days of the year of the Rabbit prepare us for the fierce year of the Dragon
Chinese horoscope for the week of February 5-11, 2024. The last days of the year of the Rabbit prepare us for the fierce year of the Dragon

As we prepare to welcome the Wood Dragon, the energy will change substantially. The Water Rabbit was a year of harmony, sensitivity and intuition, but now we move into a strong and domineering Dragon, supported by the element of wood.

This transition brings with it a paradigm shift in the way we approach our lives and relate to others. We will feel a greater force, the impulse to act, but also the need to adapt to constant changes. It is time to prepare for this new wave of energy and open the gates to our untried potential during the week leading up to the arrival of the Wood Dragon.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Rat

Creative winds are blowing in your area. Whether you’re revisiting old artistic projects, organizing something new or renovating your home, let inspiration flow. Celestial energies stir to guide your imagination. Every week you have to show tact with the special people in your life. at least one of them will need subtle guidance. Don’t try to force them.

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Weekly Chinese Zodiac Ox

Maybe you don’t understand why people act the way they do, but this week you have to try to accommodate yourself with strange behaviors. Work will be supported and if your family will be your main concern, it is a good time to organize activities and solve educational problems. All Dragons must take better care of themselves this time of year.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Tiger

If you want to finish everything this week, keep moving forward! Requests from friends or family members will add more workload to your already busy schedule, but favors you do now will pay solid dividends in the future. After the middle of the week, it is better to focus on your key relationships, especially if you are trying to build a love partnership.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Expect events related to transport, delays or the need for service, repairs or changing cars or other means of locomotion. Those who plan their travels will find their path smoothed by the earth’s energies. At work or on legal, legal or property matters, prepare for meetings and be sure that you know what you are talking about and what you want. The weekend will provide you with pleasant relaxation time.

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Weekly Chinese Zodiac Dragon

People who work in creation and communication will find their path smoothed by the energies of the week. Others who are trying to organize home renovations or relocations, need to stay on top of things if they want to move forward easily through the to-do agenda. In the middle of the week, stop and think and take enough time to nurture a special relationship. It would be good to have more time dedicated to the family at the weekend.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Snake

Reorganizations at work or in studies can make you frustrated. Accept and adapt and everything will be fine. If a colleague or neighbor seems conflicted or hostile to you, reassure them of your good intentions instead of reacting with confrontation. The results will be much better regardless of who is right. After the middle of the week and towards the weekend, everything will be about taking care of the needs of the loved ones in your life.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Horse

It’s time to spend more time at home and recover from the necessary tasks at home. On another note, some financial rearrangements can turn out very well. After the middle of the week, there will be more work or stress in the family. Stay strong and don’t stop moving forward and try not to neglect a love connection. In the weekend, your creative support is needed to support a creation of life.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Goat / Sheep

Chances are good that you will meet new people in new experiences next week. Some of the natives will start a new job or go to job interviews, others will settle in a new place, writes SfatulParintilor. Be brave and move forward, no matter how you feel inside. Power is not about how you feel, but about what you do. There is nothing that happens that you cannot handle.

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Weekly Chinese Zodiac Monkey

It is time to reanalyze and re-establish where you are and where you are going. This does not mean that you have to make major changes. Just clarify some plans and objectives. Around the middle of the week, you need to reassure someone close that you are there for them. besides that, don’t leave homework or various repairs to the last minute, otherwise you will have a weekend full of things to do.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Rooster

There are new social options available to you starting now for the next few weeks. It’s time to broaden your horizons. All week, your focus will be on nurturing and maintaining various strategic relationships. Some of you will try to establish a bridge with a work colleague, while others will want to refresh a friendship or a love. The end of the week will find you in a much more relaxed mental state.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Dog

You need a clear mind to make the decisions that need to be made. To achieve this, it would be wise to focus on your own inner voice than to keep listening to other voices that keep whispering their version in your ear. During the week, work and home frenzy will create a chaotic vibration, but you will solve things by the weekend. Allow yourself to charge your batteries.

Weekly Chinese Zodiac Boar

Now you are seriously considering what work options you have outside of your current one. If you are planning a change of direction, the beneficial astral energies guide you to go on the right path for you. If you’re studying, don’t let too much work or a depressed emotional state slow down your progress. During the weekend, some effort will be needed, but there will also be fun and even love on the horizon.

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