The golden age of each zodiac sign. Cancer has maximum happiness around 40 years

The golden age of each zodiac sign. Cancer has maximum happiness around 40 years
The golden age of each zodiac sign. Cancer has maximum happiness around 40 years

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» The golden age of each zodiac sign. Cancer has maximum happiness around 40 years

By Bianca Cimpoi. Published Friday, 02 February 2024, 22:17 Updated Friday, 02 February 2024 at 22:17

While some natives are happy and carefree in their early youth, things are different for other natives, who only come to be truly fulfilled much later. And how can you say that they are willing to make great sacrifices for what they really want.

When each zodiac sign finds its happiness

  • The golden age of each zodiac sign
  • When the natives are fulfilled

You’d be tempted to say that your zodiac sign doesn’t matter much when it comes to achieving happiness and being willing to fight for what you really want. Astrologers, on the other hand, have a different opinion, this is because some natives, more childlike in fact, can be happy in their first youth, while others only reach their fulfillment when they are 30-40 years old.

The golden age of each zodiac sign


Aries is eternally young and believes that age is just a number, so it is no wonder that these natives are bold even in old age. But, according to experts, these natives reach maximum happiness around the age of 25, when, as a rule, they reach a balance between their personal life and career.


Even though they belong to the category of Earth signs and seem to be anchored in reality, these natives need something more to mature and may go through unpleasant experiences in love in their early youth. Therefore, it is possible that they feel truly fulfilled only after 30 years, when they may already have a family and a stable job.


Gemini can be considered the children of the zodiac, and rightly so, if we consider that, as a rule, these natives do not take life too seriously at times and overcome difficult moments with a smile on their faces. In their case, they can reach maximum happiness after 20 years, a state that they will try to maintain even when others have only worries on their heads.


Cancers are among the natives who are not followers of radical changes, nor will they shock others with eccentric appearances at an older age. These natives are fulfilled only when they see their dream come true, especially the one related to the family, so between 25 – 30 years. Age increases in the case of those who also have children, this is because it is one of their great wishes to see them at home.


In contrast, Leos always have a youthful spirit and it would not be surprising if you see natives keeping fit and when perhaps the years have told on others. They want to be the center of attention since they are children, and this intensifies when they become adults and feel that the world is theirs, so the golden age for these natives is after 20 years.


Known for being critical, including of themselves, Virgos won’t forgive themselves easily if they don’t get a certain job or if they don’t have the house they’ve long dreamed of, so for these natives, happiness is something that is built on a daily basis, being pay attention to the smallest details. Only after 28 – 30 years can they reach maximum happiness, but surely even then they will find something to be dissatisfied with.

What about the other six zodiac signs?


To a certain extent, Libras share the energy of Virgos, only that, for these natives, happiness is not so important when it comes to money, and they can be just as fulfilled in their 20s as they can be in their 50s. Because they need balance in their lives, they will not always be happy and find something to do, but there is a good chance that they will reach their peak at 40-45.


For Scorpios, it is a waste of time to plan their life in the smallest details, so they will fully enjoy what destiny offers them in their early youth. You probably know the famous lyrics of those from Voltaj, at 20 years old without worries and without money…Scorpio natives also live in this way.


Sagittarians also belong to the category of people who do not make their plans with the luxury of detail. These natives don’t need many things to be fulfilled, they just mature later, that’s why after 30 years they can be really happy. Even so, let’s not forget that these natives need to feel free after any age.


When you talk about Capricorns, you automatically say order and responsibility, so it’s no wonder that these natives have been making plans since they were children, especially if they want to overcome their condition. As time goes by, they become even more ambitious and eager not to give up on what they really want. They can be fulfilled only after they pass the first youth, but as a rule, they do it in such a way that they have a quiet life from about 25 years old.


Things are different with Aquarians, because these natives look for happiness in small things and most of the time, they end up settling for little. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially in their case, that’s because most of the time they avoid agitating because they didn’t get the promotion they wanted or because someone else got promoted in their place, so, the golden age is around 20 – 25.


The last are Pisces, who also want a quiet life from their 20s and will try not to get into unnecessary conflicts or argue over things that won’t matter later. They mature later, that’s right, and this can have an impact on relationships, mainly because they can be really fulfilled after 30 years.


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