“Don’t leave like that”. The reaction of women on the internet, amazing

“Don’t leave like that”. The reaction of women on the internet, amazing
“Don’t leave like that”. The reaction of women on the internet, amazing

Published article 02 February 2024

Chris Keverian, a young man who filmed himself scolding his girlfriend because, from his perspective, she had dressed in a skirt that was too short, received unexpected reactions from netizens.

An Australian man who criticized his girlfriend for the way she dressed has not received as much criticism on the internet as many expected. Upset that the girl he loves has put on a denim mini skirt to go meet her girlfriends, the boy snaps at her and tells her she can’t leave the house in that outfit. Moreover, he threatened to leave her if she broke his word.

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“Where the hell is the other half of your skirt? Don’t go anywhere like that! If you walk out the door, I’m done for. Don’t leave, come back. Pull up your skirt, I don’t want to see your knees. It’s a skirt, not underwear”, he told her. She replied: “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?! Yes, I’m leaving. Bye!”.

The reactions of those who have seen the clip in question, over 2 million people so far, were not slow to appear. Surprisingly, perhaps, most comments came to the man’s defense.

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“I need my man to talk like that”; “If it’s not like that, I don’t want it”; “I appreciate this”; “For those of you who say you broke up with him, you are the problem. It’s not about control, it’s called respect for yourself and your partner”; “I need this man”; “A completely valid reaction” – said those who found it normal how Chris reacted.

Conversely, there were also people who believed that the young man should not impose on his partner how to dress, let alone speak to her in such a tone. “Commenters, are you ok?”; “Alarm signal”; “I’d leave”; “Girl, run!”wrote those in this category.

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