Sanremo Festival 2024, Also Broadcast by a Romanian TV Station. Eros Ramazzotti, Il Volo, John Travolta, Ricch

Sanremo Festival 2024, Also Broadcast by a Romanian TV Station. Eros Ramazzotti, Il Volo, John Travolta, Ricch
Sanremo Festival 2024, Also Broadcast by a Romanian TV Station. Eros Ramazzotti, Il Volo, John Travolta, Ricch

Aged 61, his full name is Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani – Amadeus – he is one of the best-known radio-tv personalities in Italy. Launched as a DJ, Amadeus entered television in the 90s presenting numerous TV shows on the Italian public television stations – RAI or on the private competition of those from Mediaset (group founded by Silvio Berlusconi). Amadeus currently presents the Affari tuoi show nightly on Rai 1 and is the host of many concerts in Italy.

After a series of four consecutive editions with record audiences, Amadeus, who is also the artistic director of the Festival, will present the competition for the last time.

Launched in 1951, the Italian Song Festival became world famous on the stage of the Ariston theater in the small town of 55,000 inhabitants in northwestern Italy, on the Mediterranean coast of Liguria. Over the years, the festival was also broadcast in Romania, which strongly contributed to the spread of Italian music here and to the success of Italian singers such as Al Bano and Romina Power, Toto Cutugno, Zucchero, Ricchi e Poveri among Romanian audiences. , who in recent decades have held numerous concerts here.

Moreover, in the summer of last year, when he came to Bucharest for a concert, Al Bano, 80 years old, told the story for Libertatea readers, how since the 60s he started receiving numerous letters from Romania.

Sanremo 2024 competitor list

During the five evenings of the event, he will be joined by various co-presenters. And from the studio of the show “Viva Rai2!”, located in front of the Ariston Theater entrance, the comments will be made by Fiorello, together with Fabrizio Biggio and Alessia Marcuzzi, three other famous stars in Italy.

  • Alessandra Amoroso – “Fino a qui”
  • Alpha – “Wow!”
  • Angelina Mango – “La noia”
  • Annalisa – “Honestly”
  • BigMama – “La rabbia non ti basta”
  • Bnkr44 – “Governo Punk”
  • Clara – “Grezzi Diamonds”
  • Dargen DAmico – “Onda alta”
  • Diodato – “You move”
  • Emma – “Apnea”
  • Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa”
  • Fred De Palma – “Il cielo non ci vuole”
  • Gazzelle – “Tutto qui”
  • Jeweler – “I p me, tu p te”
  • Ghali – “My House”
  • Il Tre – “Fragile”
  • Il Volo – “Masterpiece”
  • Irama – “You no”
  • La Sad – “Autodestructivo”
  • Loredana Berté – “Pazza”
  • Mahmood – “Tuta gold”
  • Maninni – “Spettacolare”
  • Mr. Rain – “Two Swings”
  • Negramaro – “Recominciamo tutto”
  • Renga e Nek – “Pazzo di te”
  • Ricchi e Poveri – “Ma non tutta la vita”
  • Rose Villain – “Click Boom!”
  • Sangiovanni – “Finishes”
  • Santi Francesi – “Lamore in bocca”
  • The Kolors – “Un ragazzo una ragazza”

For TVR 1 viewers, Bogdan Stănescu and Kyrie Mendél will provide all the information related to the festival, but the show can also be watched in Romania on the Rai 1 channel.

Like the 2022 and 2023 editions, the 30 competing artists (27 established artists and the first three classified in the Sanremo Giovani 2023 competition – the youth version) will participate with as many pieces in a single competition section.

The winner of the Festival will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will take place in May in Malmö, Sweden. Established artists will give recitals in two other places, Colombo Square and the Costa Smeralda cruise ship.

All the 30 contestants will go on stage on the first night, for the interpretation test. At the end of the voting, the first five positions will be announced. Marco Mengoni, who won the contest for the second time last year, will be co-presenter. Rappers Tedua and Lazza will perform on the two exterior stages of the festival.

The second evening will be the creative competition, where 15 of the 30 artists will perform their own pieces. After the vote, the first five positions will be announced. The co-presenter for the second evening is the well-known singer Giorgia, and in the locations outside the theater there will be the musician Giovanni Allevi, the French DJ and producer Bob Sinclar and the rapper Rosa Chemical. Also, John Travolta returns to the Ariston stage with a special moment for the audience.

Russell Crowe is coming to the festival

The creative contest continues in the third evening, when the other 15 artists will sing their songs. The first five positions will be announced at the end of the evening. The actress Teresa Mannino will present alongside Amadeus, and outside the Ariston Theater the hosts will be the singer-songwriter Bresh and the sisters Paola & Chiara.

The evening will be completed by two special moments: the actor Russell Crowe will take the stage of the Festival, for a musical meeting, and Eros Ramazzotti comes to the Ariston Theater to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the song “Terra promessa”.

In the fourth evening, dedicated to covers, the contestants will present a piece of their choice, from the Italian or international repertoire, in duet with established artists. Among the competitors will be: Il Volo, Diodato, Mahmood, Mr. Rain or Ricchi e Poveri. Among the invited artists are names like Riccardo Cocciante, Paola & Chiara, Gianna Nannini or Umberto Tozzi. The provisional ranking of the evening will be added to that of the previous evenings, also announcing the first five positions. The TV star Lorella Cuccarini is the co-presenter of the fourth evening, and from outside the theater – DJ Gigi DAgostino and the soloist Arisa.

The final evening decides the winner of Sanremo 2024 and the representative of Italy at Eurovision. Fiorello is Amadeus’ microphone partner, and the rapper Tedua and the singer Tananai give recitals in front of the audience on the two outer stages. The ballet dancer Roberto Bolle, and the famous Gigliola Cinquetti, on the chords of the song “Non ho letà (per amarti)” bring special moments in the last evening.

The orchestra led by maestro Leonardo De Amicis will provide the accompaniment for the entire event. And the scenography is signed, for the 22nd time, by Gaetano Castelli – and the tenth together with his daughter Maria Chiara.

photo: RAI 1

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