Do you recognize the character? The actor who “stole” the wife of a great football coach


Today’s character is an actor who would have turned 80 on February 3rd. Talented but fickle, he “stole” the wife of a great football coach, being himself abandoned by the woman he loved the most.

Do you recognize the character? The actor who “stole” the wife of a great football coach

Adored by the public, in his profession, but also by women, in his personal life, Dan Tufaru managed the “performance” of becoming an “illustrious unknown” to the younger generations of viewers.

With a rebellious air and an attractive physique, Tufaru was a “treat” to the public, but not so much through the roles in the theater or film, but especially through the television shows of the 70s.

He was born on February 3, 1944 in a relatively modest family from the Dorobanti neighborhood, being the second of the four children of General Mircea Tufaru and Elena Tufaru.

Orphaned as a child, he moved with his mother and three sisters to his maternal grandparents in Giulesti. He graduated from IATC in 1965.

He played first at the National Theater in Craiova, then at the Giulești Theatre, and from 1976, without interruption, at the Comedy Theatre. In the last years of his life he played on the stage of the State Jewish Theater in Bucharest.

In cinematography, he appeared in films such as “Pantalone’s Madness” (1971), “The Devil and the Good God” (1970), “Păcala” (1974), “Revenge” (1978), “Nea Mărin Billionaire” (1979), ” Un om în loden” (1979), “Zero Hour” (1979), “Sosesc puzile calătoare” (1985), “The Beginning of the Truth (Mirror)” (1994), “Crucea de piatra” (1994), according to

He was turbulent in his personal life, having been married four times. The first time, in 1966, with Miruna Petrescu, whom he divorced in 1969. After two years, he married Anda Călugăreanu, the unforgettable actress and singer.

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Up to that point, he was still struggling to become known to the public, as he had only had a few roles in theater and film, but nothing that really made him stand out.

Dan Tufaru, Anda Călugăreanu and Florian Pittiș formed a famous trio in the 70s – Photo: Facebook/Collecția “Mari Actori Romani”

But the chance smiled on him when the brilliant director and TV producer, Alexandru Bocăneț, thought of a cheerful trio, made up of young, beautiful and talented artists, to propel them through the TV shows.

That’s how that famous trio was formed at the time, Anda Călugăreanu, who was already in vogue, Florian Pittiș and, of course, Dan Tufaru, Anda’s husband at the time.

It was the moment when Tufaru’s star reached its peak. But, although on TV they seemed to be cheerful and happy, in reality, the marriage of the two was already “on the rocks”.

Only two years after the marriage, Dan Tufaru fell in love with the beautiful actress Vasilica Tastaman, 11 years older than him, immediately leaving Anda Călugăreanu.

“I was in Moscow with them. There was a voltaic fire, there Dan fell in love with Vasilica Tastaman. It was painful later, because Dan was married to Anda Călugăreanu…”, actor Vladimir Găitan recalled later.

Ioana Tufaru, daughter of the actor and Andrei Călugăreanu, told that she found out that her father often cheated on her mother.

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“I was only one and a half years old when my parents separated, but I was told that my father was not a churchgoer even during their marriage… But he didn’t leave it until he met Vasilica Tastaman, who seems to have lost her mind.

I understood that he loved her madly. At one point, he went home to his mother and said dryly, “Pack my bags, I’m leaving!”. And she, a lady, complied”, she said, according to

The actress Vasilica Tastaman was married for 10 years to Emeric Jenei, with whom she had a child – Photo: Facebook/”Mari Actori Romani” Collection/”Teatrul” magazine from 1972

Vasilica Tastaman was also coming after a 10-year marriage with the great football coach Emeric Jenei.

The two’s relationship lasted less than a decade and was one in which the actress allegedly cheated on him. In fact, Vasilica Tastaman decided to go to Sweden in 1981, even though she was already 48 years old.

Decades of quiet life followed for the artist who performed in local plays.

After the Revolution, she came to Romania, but her journey stopped more in Oradea, where the son from the marriage with Jenei, Călin, lived.

For his part, Dan Tufaru married once more, to the then young actress, Cristina Dogaru, but this time his life was no longer public. He was no longer in the attention of the new generation of the public, many not knowing who he was.

Dan Tufaru died on November 28, 2002, at the age of 58. After only 4 months, on March 30, 2003, Vasilica Tastaman also passed away. at 69 years old.

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The actress was going to play in a show at the Comedy Theater, “Audiţia”, by Al. Galin, directed by Mircea Cornişteanu. While rehearsing for the premiere, a digestive hemorrhage ended his dream of being on stage again.

Although he had the qualities to become a real star, Dan Tufaru remained only a comet in the “sky” of Romanian acting art, a victim of his own passions and charm.

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