Mariah Carey, bolder and more confident than ever. She appeared at a gala only in a bodysuit with a corset and a totally transparent skirt


Mariah Carey seems to be in a great time of her life. Although she recently split from Bryan Tanaka, with whom she had a relationship of seven years, the absolute diva of US music is becoming more and more visible. She appears more often in the pictures taken by the paparazzi, on Instagram she makes self-deprecating videos, and her latest appearance at an event showed her braver than ever in attitude and clothing.

Mariah Carey walked confidently to the Record Academy Honors, the gala where she received the Global Impact trophy. For this occasion, the 54-year-old superstar wanted to steal all the attention.

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Mariah Carey / Photo: Profimedia

The soloist dressed as she has never done before, in a champagne-colored tight body corset, “covered” by a bronze tulle as a skirt, with a huge bow on the hip. Mariah showed off her legs from top to bottom, but also her cleavage.

Mariah Carey / Photo: Profimedia

Besides diamond and gemstone jewelry, her smile was her best “accessory.” Her shoulder-length wavy hair and copper-toned makeup made her look like a goddess.

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