Horoscope for the week of February 5 – 11. Mercury enters Aquarius and brings innovative ideas. Four signs will make radical changes in their lives

Horoscope for the week of February 5 – 11. Mercury enters Aquarius and brings innovative ideas. Four signs will make radical changes in their lives
Horoscope for the week of February 5 – 11. Mercury enters Aquarius and brings innovative ideas. Four signs will make radical changes in their lives

Even though there is a good chance that this period will end well, there will also be more difficult moments, due to the energies that are born in the astral plane.

The period February 5 – 11 begins with the entry of Mercury into Aquarius, which will bring innovative ideas and completely different perspectives. All zodiac signs will want to see changes in their lives, which means they can also make some mistakes. When situations are not carefully analyzed, the problems caused by hasty choices arise.

On the same day, Mercury in Aquarius forms a conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius, when concentration becomes intense and intuition is listened to with holiness.

Zodiac natives will become a bit more optimistic on February 6, when the Moon in Capricorn forms a trine with Jupiter in Taurus. Attention shifts to important goals, so it is impossible not to achieve at least one of them.

Zodiac signs’ social circles expand on February 7, when Mars in Capricorn forms a sextile with Neptune in Pisces. On this day, creative ideas multiply and contribute to significant achievements.

Then, on February 8, the square created between the Sun in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will bring a little trouble to everyone. Unfortunately, this is the time when impulse choices will lead to regrets.

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The New Moon in Aquarius on February 9 brings beneficial changes and new plans for the future. The week ends with a balance the signs have rarely experienced before, as they finally figure out how to show strength in the face of obstacles.


It is not out of the question that you will receive an offer that you cannot refuse this week. However, you must also think carefully about the responsibilities you will have if you accept it. A decision made under the sway of the emotions of the moment could ruin your future plans.


These days you carefully analyze your financial situation and unfinished projects at work. Your motivation will increase if you find that you need more money to fulfill your desires. This means that there are chances that you will finish the tasks given to you by your superiors faster.


You realize that you can adapt to any situation, no matter how dark it may seem at first. Nothing scares you anymore, because you have already gone through the biggest challenges of your life. This week is like a mouthful of water in an infinite desert.

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This week, you see the long-term future and look at everything as a whole. Every decision you make will influence your path, so you have to be very careful when it comes to extremely important matters. The stars suggest you take your time.


You feel like every person around you is challenging you to argue your choices, which you don’t like at all. Because you want to avoid conflicts, you will be quite withdrawn this week, especially if you want to listen to your intuition and discover which way to go next.


You are always looking for a healthy routine, and this week you manage to find the right formula for a problem-free life. You will organize all your affairs very well and you will even have time to relax. When you know how to set limits, everything turns out the way you imagined.


These days, you feel ready for adventure, so you won’t pay attention to bad mouths. All you want is to make the most of the time you spend with your friends and stop thinking about the past. You will discover, however, that you cannot wipe everything that was with a sponge.


From the beginning of the week, you will realize how strong you are. Although problems will hit you like waves on the shore, you will be able to cope with them all. Nothing scares you anymore and you are really ready to venture towards new horizons. When you know what you’re capable of, you have no reason to stay put.

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Your financial situation improves between February 5 and 11, 2024. It is also not excluded that you can bring to fruition the memories of the past and turn them into an interesting book, writes DivaHair. And such a creative project brings important material benefits.


This week, you have a lot of interesting ideas, which you will use to your advantage. The stars advise you not to reveal to others the plans you have made, because there are people around you who can steal your originality.


These days, you attract attention with every move you make. People around you will be fascinated by your choices, because you will surprise them with your spontaneity. Don’t try to make forced decisions just to impress, because your future is more important than other people’s opinions.


Earnings come to you on several levels these days, so you’d do well to take advantage of each one. A close person will ask you for guidance on a controversial situation, which means you need to think for two this week.

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