Laura Cosoi returns to television


Smiley’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Cosoi, returns to the small screens. The beautiful actress has just been cast in a series broadcast on Antena 1.

Laura Cosoi received a role in the comedy series “Bravo, tata!”. The 42-year-old actress is extremely happy. The star will play the character of Letiţia. It is about “a captivating woman, oriented towards spirituality, towards the world of energies, which are now very fashionable”, writes

When can Laura Cosoi be seen in the new series

“Well done, Dad!” is a comedy series starring Răzvan Fodor, Liviu Vârciu, Cosmin Natanticu and Ştefan Pavel. The production presents the story of four fathers who come from different worlds. But who make friends through children.

The comedy returns to the small screens with its second season on February 18. Then she will be able to be seen on Antena 1 and Laura Cosoi, who will play the role of Letitia.

Photo source: Laura Cosoi/ Instagram

What the actress says about returning to television

The actress confessed that she really wanted to return to television because she missed these appearances. In addition, she was happy to see many colleagues from the set.

“I really wanted to return to television projects, I really missed appearing in a series, and I was happy when I received the invitation to participate in the casting for “Bravo, dad! ” and that they thought I fit that formula.

Reuniting with my co-stars was really nice because, for the most part, I knew all of them, we’ve worked together before, and they’re all really cool people. Most of the time, filming days are loaded with a lot of humor, we laugh quite a lot even outside of the filming moments and I consider myself very lucky to be able to practice my job,” said Laura Cosoi on Instagram.

Laura Cosoi is expecting her fourth child

The actress went through an extremely difficult period, after her mother passed away at the end of 2023.

However, fate also smiles on both personal and professional levels. Laura Cosoi has many reasons to be happy.

Photo source: Facebook

In addition to the role received in the comedy series “Bravo, dad!”, the star is also happy because she will become a mother for the fourth time. Moreover, he revealed that he already found out the gender of the baby.

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