The American mega-star Mickey Rourke is coming to film in Oradea. See…

The American mega-star Mickey Rourke is coming to film in Oradea. See…
The American mega-star Mickey Rourke is coming to film in Oradea. See…

The American mega-star Mickey Rourke will come, on February 12, to Romania to star in the film “21 rubies”, signed by the Oradean priest and director Ciprian Mega, awarded at the Moscow festival.

“The Fighter” is coming to Oradea!

International stars such as Anthony Delon and Elisabetta Pellini, as well as Romanian actors such as Dorel Vișan, Ela Ionescu, Magda Catone or Răzvan Vasilescu, will appear in the film that will be filmed in Oradea.

“We settled on the actor Mickey Rourke because he is a multi-faceted film actor. I was impressed by his acting in the movie “The Fighter”, where he faithfully reflected all the struggles of the character”, he told Bihor priest Ciprian Mega, who will direct the film.

The first actors will come to Oradea on February 6, and Mickey Rourke will join the team a week later.

“We will film in several apartments in Oradea, on Aurel Lazăr Street, we will have a scene at the Regina Maria Theater and in many other places in the city,” said Mega.

Unlike other Romanian productions, shot exclusively in an apartment, the Mega priest’s film, which will have a Hollywood mega-star as the headliner, will have a rich cast.

“In total, we will work with a cast consisting of around 300 actors and extras”, declared the director from Oradea.

A (typical) Romanian story

The film “21 rubies” concludes the trilogy of the same name and also includes the films “The morning that will never end”, about the drama of emigrant women, and “The voice that cries out in the desert”, about the life of Father Calciu Dumitreasa. The new production is intended to be an x-ray of post-December Romanian society.

The film tells the story of Nina, a young prosecutor played by the actress Corina Moise, friend of the director Yuri, role played by the French-American actor Anthony Delon (photo)son of the famous Alain Delon.

The action, which takes place at the end of 2022, brings Nina to the situation where her name is nominated for the position of Prosecutor General of Romania.

Her nomination, however, depends on the position of the Secretary of State of the US Government, Mickey Mandovanis, a character played by Mickey Rourke, and the representative of the European Commission, Nicoletta Delalachiessa, whose role will be played by Elisabetta Pellini.

The film, dotted with colorful characters, from politicians and former security guards to priests, will consist of flashbacks to the early 2000s.

In one of them, a character referring to the Orthodox bishop from Oradea, Sofronie Drincec, will appear, seen as a corrupt hierarch who divides functions and parishes for money.

The author’s film “21 rubini” has as screenwriter and director the Oradean priest Ciprian Mega.

The producers of the film are Laura Mega and Silviu Ciobanu, and the cinematographer, Liviu Mărghitan. Executive producers are Natalia Neag and Kimberly Hines. The editing will be done by Corina Stavilă, and the sound by Mihai Bogos.

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