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Andrei Duban, actor in the series “Wednesday”, on Netflix. The frame that no one noticed

Andrei Duban, actor in the series “Wednesday”, on Netflix. The frame that no one noticed
Andrei Duban, actor in the series “Wednesday”, on Netflix. The frame that no one noticed

The series “Wednesday” offered roles, even small ones, to many Romanians. None other than Andrei Duban also appears in a frame, at the famous Girueta cafe in the city of Jericho. Few have noticed this!

Andrei Duban appears in the series “Wednesday”

Andrei Duban also had a mini-role in the series “Wednesday” on Netflix. The actor appeared, admittedly, in a frame of only 2-3 seconds, but enough for those with sharp eyes to notice him!

When and where does Andrei Duban appear, in the series “Wednesday”

On Wednesday’s first day at the Nevermore boarding school, where children with special powers learn and are educated in a more special way, Andrei Duban also appears. The scene containing the frame with the actor takes place at the Girueta cafe in the city of Jericho (the current filming set in Buftea).

Terrified at the thought of staying at Nevermore, Wednesday Addams hatches an escape plan. He reaches therapist Kinbott, asks her to use the toilet, but leaves the building through the window and ends up at Girueta. There he meets Tyler, a young man who works as a bartender at the location in question.

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Rushing to catch the train and leave, Wednesday runs into a problem when she orders a coffee: the espresso machine isn’t working.

Nimble and savvy, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams solves the espresso machine problem, much to Tyler’s amazement. The moment of the discussion between the two is also the moment when Andrei Duban appears, as he picks up his cup of coffee and leaves Girueta. Those who noticed this detail are, of course, the ardent Romanian fans of the series, who rather posted the relevant frame on TikTok, where it became viral.

Wednesday Addams, the idol of all teenage girls

Jenna Ortega, in the role of Wednesday Addams, became the idol of all teenage girls, but also of women around the world.

Since the launch of the series on Netflix, the actress has captured everyone’s attention, and numerous videos related to the unique character she plays have gone viral on TikTok.

The teenage girls began to copy almost everything about Wednesday: outfits, shoes, the style in which Jenna Ortega’s hair is styled in the series, the make-up and even the dance from the ball in Nevermore.

Those who have already watched the series “Wednesday” are eagerly waiting for the release of season 2. However, Tim Burton has not given any information in this regard. However, certain sources have revealed, according to, that the great Burton will launch season 2 depending on the number of hits the series will have on Netflix.

“We don’t know anything, yet. Let’s see what the numbers will say. In order for Season 2 to be filmed, Burton is expecting something spectacular in terms of the number of hours the series has been watched. We’re also waiting to see what it’s about, we hope it comes out, it’s had a big impact on viewers and the characters are hugely loved.”said the respective sources, for the previously cited publication.

However, there are also some disappointments with the sci-fi horror production. It seems that some Addams fans were terribly upset when they saw that Morticia and Gomez only appeared in a few scenes.

According to the international media, the series “Wednesday” is not about the Addams family, as the 1991 production, which had Christina Ricci in the foreground, was in the past. The Netflix production is actually about Wednesday and her adventures at Nevermore.

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