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Where was the Netflix Wednesday series filmed in Romania

Where was the Netflix Wednesday series filmed in Romania
Where was the Netflix Wednesday series filmed in Romania

VIDEO. Where was the Wednesday series filmed in Romania? The production, directed by Tim Burton, which has just entered Netflix, was made in our country. Where? What does it look like in the movie? A clip with the face-to-face images, in the article.

Cantacuzino Castle it’s the boarding school itself Nevermore (the main place of the action), and in many frames there are images from Polytechnic Universityfrom Botanical Garden or from Monteoru House.

The images in which Wednesday Addams punishes her brother’s bullies by throwing piranhas into the water are filmed at the swimming pool Dinamo. The exterior shots, filmed in Romania, are, in the series, Vermont.

There are more images from Royal Station from railbut also from the mansion Olga Greceanunear Bucharest.

Before the video, what does it say? Tim Burton director Wednesday:

“It was great to come here to Romania, because everything fit strangely into the Addams Family universe. Trying to make Romania look like Vermont was an interesting challenge, but we managed to find many new locations. And in the studio, I had the space to create the sets, so it was great to be able to do that.

We had enough space to build exteriors, respectively to build the city of Jericho. It’s as if the sets come to life, and that supports the entire atmosphere of the series.”

Tim Burton has in his portfolio productions such as Beetlejuice, Batman (with Michael Keaton), Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, The nightmare before Christmas, Mars Attacks, Monkeys planet, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp), Dumbo and more.

The eight episodes of the series are available on Netflix.

VIDEO. Where was the Netflix Wednesday series filmed in Romania

PHOTO GALLERY. Where was Wednesday filmed in Romania

Who is starring in the series? A Romanian is “Thing” – the famous hand from Addams

The main role in the series is played by Jenna Ortega, and the production also brings famous names, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams), Luiz Guzman (Gomez Addams) and Christina Ricci (Marilyn Thornhill).

The hand from the series – “Thing” belongs to a Romanian. It is about Victor Dorobanţu.

Jenna Ortega, the actress who plays Wednesday Addams:

“The action in the series Wednesday begins when Wednesday is expelled and goes to visit the old boarding school that Gomez and Morticia also went to, Nevermore Academy. It is a school for all rare creatures that have certain special abilities or for people who I’m just a little different than the others.

Then, we see Wednesday finding her way in this new school and creating new relationships, completely different from the ones she had met up until then. She wants to become a detective and a writer and, at Nevermore, she discovers a mystery that captivates her.

Throughout the season, he seeks to unravel that mystery.”

Author: Petrisor Obae

The article is in Romanian

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